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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The doctors and staff of Central Park Veterinary Clinic are monitoring this pandemic crisis carefully and are taking every precaution we can to do our part to reduce the spread of the novel coronavirus, called COVID-19.  This pandemic is evolving day by day and the information available will change as we learn more about this new disease.   We have sent a client letter via email, which is available here for you to read at the bottom of this page.
As far as we know at this time, animals cannot become ill with COVID-19, and are likely not a source of human infections.  However, your pets still have a chance of getting sick during this time and we intend to continue to provide medical care for our patients with adjustments as needed.  We are open our regular hours and offering all regular services.

While we have always actively worked to prevent contamination with appropriate disinfecting protocols, we have implemented a more aggressive disinfecting protocol in light of the current situation.  We also have alternative appointment options for those who are immunocompromised, are sick, or are wary of public places for fear of exposure to disease.  If you prefer, these options can eliminate or limit the time spent inside our building for your pet's appointment.  Please review the client letter (at bottom of page) for alternative appointment options.  Of course, you are welcome to come into the exam room with your pet as usual as long as you are not actively sick with any respiratory disease.

Pet Food and Medication Refills:
Pet food is flying off of our shelves as people prepare for possible at-home quarantines-  This could result in difficulty maintaining stock of needed prescription diets.  We strongly recommend that you consider calling us one week ahead of time to ensure that we have your pet's food when you need it. As always, we appreciate our clients supporting us as a small local business by shopping here. Another option would be ordering Hill's pet foods through Hill's to Home, where you can order your pet's prescription or retail diets with no shipping costs, delivered straight to your door.   This option continues to support your local business (Central Park Vet), as this online shopping is offered in cooperation with Central Park Veterinary Clinic.  It also ensures that you are receiving fresh, quality foods shipped directly from Hill's, right here in the USA.
You can order your pet's prescription medication, as well as heartworm, flea and tick preventives through our Online Store.  Again, we know you have other options for online shopping, but hope you choose to continue to support your local businesses with your purchases.

**If you are sick with any respiratory disease and need to bring your pet in for services, we kindly request that you ask for a "Minimal Contact" appointment.  This will allow you to wait in your car, while we take your pet inside the clinic for his/her physical exam and any other procedures that are necessary.  We can communicate with you over the phone or come to the car to talk to you about our findings and recommendations and your pet will receive the same high level of care we always provide without exposing our staff to unnecessary risk.    If you come in for an appointment and we notice symptoms of a respiratory illness, we may ask you to wait in the car while we proceed.  Please do not be offended- we are just trying to do our part to maintain our doctor and staff's utmost safety.

Here are some links for additional information about COVID-19, as relates to your pets.

CDC website - Coronavirus FAQ's about human and pets 

NH Department of Health and Human Services-  FAQ's about COVID-19 (mostly human info)

The American Veterinary Medical Association FAQ's for pet owners

Client Letter regarding COVID-19

Pet Nutrition and Concerns about Grain-Free Diets

This news article is currently under construction-  please click the link to be directed to the Tufts University's article for some information about Grain-Free diets and the possible link to heart disease in dogs.