Central Park Veterinary Clinic

252 Route 108
Somersworth, NH 03878




Post COVID Opening!

We will be opening the hospital on June 21st
Please wear a mask
Central Park Veterinary Clinic is a full service veterinary medical facility, located in Somersworth, NH. The professional and courteous staff at Central Park Veterinary Clinic seeks to provide the best possible medical, surgical and dental care for our valued patients. We are committed to promoting responsible pet ownership and providing preventative health care. CPVC is the only AAHA accredited practice in the area and strives to offer excellence in veterinary care to the Tri-City region and the surrounding communities. Call the office to see how we can provide you and your pets with quality veterinary services.

Online Shopping

Online Shopping-  We appreciate our clients continuing to support local businesses like ours.  Please use our online shopping options for your pets.
To order medications, flea and tick preventives, heartworm preventives, prescription pet foods and more, Click here.
To order Hill's Prescription Foods, please click here.

Complete Wellness Care For Your Pet 


At Central Park Veterinary Clinic we strongly recommend a comprehensive wellness program for your pets so they can live a long healthy lives. This  includes:

1. Regular veterinary examinations to assure your pet is in good health and to possibly find problems before they become too serious. 

2. Preventive care which includes vaccinations, health screenings for parasites and diseases that may not be evident on appearance, and proper preventive medications to protect against internal and external parasites.

3. Proper nutrition. At CPVC we recommend Hill's pet foods which provide good nutrition for all stages of life as well as prescription diets designed for various health conditions. We understand that there are many choices out there and that there is a lot of conflicting information when it comes to pet nutrition so please feel free to contact us if you have questions so we can discuss what is best for your pet. Are you aware of the possible link between grain-free and exotic ingredient pet foods and heart disease?   Go to the Latest News page for more information and why we recommend certain brands of foods over others!

4. Regular exercise.  Regular exercise and play is essential for your pet's good health.

    5. Proper dental care.  This includes at home dental care, special diets and treats and regular professional dental cleanings.

Hill's to Home Online Shopping

Hill's to Home offers online ordering of Hill's Pet Foods, both over-the-counter and prescription diets.   There is free shipping right to your home with no minimum!
We recommend Hill's brand pet foods due to the high quality product from a company that puts the health and safety of your pet first, with great food options formulated for specific life stages and health concerns.  Guaranteed fresh, healthy and safe pet foods for your beloved pet, sent straight to you.

VetSource is an online veterinary pharmacy offering home delivery for your pets medical needs. Home Delivery

**If you choose to buy your pet's prescriptions online we encourage you to use our online pharmacy, Vetsource,  because their prices are competitive and manufacturers' guarantees will be honored (which is not always the case with online pharmacies). Also, since your purchase is linked through CPVC you can take advantage of promotions offered to veterinary clinics that are not available through other online pharmacies.** You can order the medications yourself at our Online Store, or call and we can order it for you and have it shipped to you.