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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The doctors and staff of Central Park Veterinary Clinic continue to monitor this pandemic crisis carefully and are taking every precaution we can to do our part to reduce the spread of the novel coronavirus, called COVID-19.  As the pandemic progresses we are learning more each day. Hopefully, we have passed the initial spike in the disease but there is so much we do not know and there is no information available that this virus will go away or that there will not be multiple waves. Because it is anovel virus we do not know if or how well we can develop immunity or if an effective vaccine will be able to be developed and if so how long it will be before it can be made available. So until we know more the only way we have of reducing the spread of this disease is:
1. Practice good hygiene by cleaning often with soap and water and using sanitizers and disinfectants.
2. Practice physical distancing of at least  6 feet and avoid going to public places unless necessary.
3. When in public wear a mask. Although there has been controversy recently about this, it is unfounded. Masks will reduce the risk of people with COVID / carriers from spreading it to others. If everyone wears a mask, as a whole we are all helping prevent the spread within our community. 

While CPVC has always actively worked to prevent contamination with appropriate disinfecting protocols, we have implemented a more aggressive disinfecting protocol in light of the current situation.  We are also in a complete lockdown so no one other than employees can enter the building. Patients will be seen using "Curbside Appointment" Protocols.  When you come to the office, call in and our staff will take the entire history and all your information, then we will come out and get your pet for an examination. Once the examination is done the doctor will call out to you to discuss a plan of action. After the appointment is over we will take care of all transactions and then return with your pet and any medications.
In the future, when Covid case numbers are down in a safer range, the strict restrictions may be gradually reduced and we will be able to let clients back in the building. Even as this occurs we will be still practicing very strict safety procedures:
1. We will require physical distancing. We also ask that if at all possible don't bring a lot of people for visit, ideally just one person with the pet.
2. We will have available soap and water and hand sanitizer for all clients to use.
3. We request that you wear a mask in order to continue to reduce the spread of the virus. It does not have to be a medical grade mask. The purpose of this is that if we all work together to reduce the spread of this virus we can work to keep both you and your loved ones and our staff and families safer.
*** If you have health concerns and feel more safe we will continue the curbside type care for as long as you feel this is necessary. We want to continue to provide service to you in the safest manner possible.

Pet Food and Medication Refills during Curbside Care:
 We strongly recommend that you consider calling us one week ahead of time to ensure that we have your pet's food  and medicines when you need it. As always, we appreciate our clients supporting us as a small local business by shopping here.
You may order medication refills on our CPVC Online Store.  This online store is more secure from counterfeit medications than other online sources and has direct communication with your own veterinarians, ensuring that the correct prescription is sent right to your home.
Another option would be ordering Hill's pet foods through Hill's to Home, where you can order your pet's prescription or retail diets with no shipping costs, delivered straight to your door.   This option continues to support your local business (Central Park Vet), as this online shopping is offered in cooperation with Central Park Veterinary Clinic.  It also ensures that you are receiving fresh, quality foods shipped directly from Hill's, right here in the USA.

You can order your pet's prescription medication, as well as heartworm, flea and tick preventives through our Online Store.  Again, we know you have other options for online shopping, but hope you choose to continue to support your local businesses with your purchases.

**If you are sick with any respiratory disease and need to bring your pet in for services, we would appreciate that you inform us of this and if at all possible find someone else to bring your pet to the hospital. We want to be able to provide quality veterinary care as well as assure safety for both you and our staff.

Please everyone stay safe and know we are in this together.

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