Central Park Veterinary Clinic

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June 14, 2021

Changes to Hospital Policy

To all Clients of Central Park Veterinary Clinic,

           We hope you are all safe as we start to hopefully emerge from a very trying year. Since we are starting to see the positive results of  COVID vaccination and numbers of cases are diminishing, starting on June 21, we are going to open the doors to try to get back to a more normal business environment. Our staff is fully vaccinated but we will still be taking some precautions in order to assure the safety of our clients and the public. Although we are very fortunate to live in New England which boasts the highest vaccination rate, we are still only at just over 50% fully vaccinated. For this reason we still want to be very cautious for the next few months until we are more sure that cases continue to fall and there are no new surges. We are going to request the following rules in order to assure the safety of all our clients.
1. Please wear a mask in the building. There are still many that have chosen to not get vaccinated or cannot get vaccinated (young children, immunocompromised, etc.) and we want to respect everyone's privacy so we feel this is the best policy for everyone. We can provide a mask if you don't have one.
2. If you are still more comfortable with curbside service then we will be glad to continue with this. Just call in (742-1203) when you arrive and we can accommodate you. 

3. We also recommend to continue with distancing while in the office. We have rearranged the seating to allow for good distancing.
4. There is also hand sanitizer available if you need it.
5. We will only be allowing 1 or 2 people into the building per pet, unless there are extenuating circumstances. Those people accompanying the pet must be able to wear masks and remain seated during the visit, as the examination rooms are small. If you will have a larger group accompanying your pet, curbside service is available.
6. Hopefully, as time passes we will continue to see a reduction in cases and we will continue to ease up restrictions but we will also need to be very wary of possible surges.

7. Our office hours will remain the same:
                                                   Monday, Wednesday and Friday 8am-6pm
                                                             Tuesday and Thursday 8am-8pm
                                                                 Closed Saturday and Sunday

We thank you for your patience and continued support. We appreciate your loyalty and we truly believe that we are approaching a return to normal. It's been a very trying year but we are all eagerly looking to a return to a more normal way of life.

We recommend that you follow our page on facebook ( if you are not on facebook we suggest you join) because this allows us to share updates quickly and announce any changes. It also allows you to ask us questions and make requests that we can respond to much more quickly than email.

Please feel free to call to discuss any of this information if you have questions or concerns. we look forward to seeing you again.


The Veterinarians and Staff of Central Park Veterinary Clinic