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Central Park Vet is Proud to be Accredited by
the American Animal Hospital Association

The American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) sets the standard for veterinary excellence.
AAHA is an independent certifying body that evaluates and accredits veterinary hospitals. Unlike in human health care, this certification is voluntary for veterinary hospitals. Currently only 17% of pet hospitals in the US and Canada are accredited. Central Park Veterinary Clinic is proud to meet and exceed the Standards of Excellence required for AAHA-Accreditation, especially since NH does not require any inspection or regulation of veterinary hospitals.

For pet owners, AAHA has gathered its veterinary resources to create an extensive pet health care resource at www.

How does the Accreditation Process work?
**AAHA employs independent advisors who evaluate each hospital based on 900 standards of care
that represent excellence in veterinary care.
**The standards are revised as veterinary medicine advances.
**Accredited veterinary care facilities must also undergo comprehensive on-site evaluations every 3 years  to maintain their accreditation.



What does AAHA-accreditation mean for you and your pet?

Most pet owners do not know what it means for a veterinary hospital to be AAHA-accredited. You may never have noticed the red and white AAHA logo on our business cards and at our clinic. But accreditation actually means a lot about the level of care your pet will receive and the trust you can place in our team at Central Park Veterinary Clinic.  AAHA-Accreditation means that our hospital, doctors and staff have gone the extra mile to provide quality, caring, and professional services to you and your pet.
To the team at Central Park Veterinary Clinic, being AAHA-Accredited isn’t about prestige—it’s about operating at a higher level. The accreditation process is challenging, rigorous, voluntary, and not guaranteed. We take pride in providing the highest level of veterinary care for our patients, and exceeding our clients' expectations for service.

**Click HERE for a video from AAHA about accreditation and what it means to you and your pet.


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At HealthyPet.com pet owners can access:

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  • Answers to frequent questions concerning pet diseases and illnesses
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