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Central Park Veterinary Clinic fully appreciates the support of our clients. We care deeply about our patients and want to ensure that they receive the best care as well as safe and appropriate food, medication and products. Shopping through our online store and Hills to Home allows us to easily access and approve your prescription requests.  Many online sources result in miscommunication, errors and sale of counterfeit products. These problems have grown commonplace and put your pet at risk.

By using our online shopping options, you can avoid these risks and help support our small, local business. Visit the options below to get started!


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through Central Park Veterinary Clinic's Online Store

Support our local business with all the convenience of online shopping! Features competitive pricing, free shipping, and guaranteed top quality products.

You can find prescription medications, flea and tick control products, heartworm preventives, pet foods and more shipped right to your home.

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CPVC Online Store is powered by Vetsource.

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through CPVC and Hills to Home

Shop for your pet's prescription or over the counter Hill's brand foods and have them shipped to your home all while supporting our local business!

Hill's has competitive pricing, easy shopping, free shipping, and it is easy and free to set up your account! Once your account is set up, our CPVC team will approve your account- then you can start shopping! 

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