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Educational Resources/Links

Helpful Websites:

Veterinary Information Network website VeterinaryPartner.com : Provides reliable up-to-date animal health information.

People Magazine pet website peoplepets.com

Canine Inherited Disorders Database : A very helpful website that provides information of inheritable diseases of all dog breeds.

Indoor Pet Initiative : The Ohio State University's website provides information on dog and cat behavior and care.

Pet Health Network : General information on cat and dog health.

Dog Safety and Training:

safekidssafedogs.com : A website to help improve the relationship of children and dogs in order to prevent bites and injuries and make the pet owning experience better.

doggonesafe.com : Similar to above.

Association of Pet Dog Trainers (Training and general information for pet owners): apdt.com/petowners

My Smart Puppy - Trainer Sarah Wilson teaches you how to train your dog.  Mysmartpuppy.com

Clicker Training Website (great for basic training, jumping, etc) Clickerlessons.com

Pet Poison Helpline : Website to help if your pet may have ingested or been exposed to any toxins.

Veterinary Organizations:

American Animal Hospital Association AAHA : Very helpful information for pet owners

American Veterinary Medical Association AVMA : Very helpful information for pet owners

New Hampshire Veterinary Medical Association NHVMA : Information on the veterinary field in New Hampshire.