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Trainers / Training / Daycare


If you intend to enroll your pet in training or daycare services make sure you have all vaccines up to date and you check with each particular facility to make sure you have all the required immunizations for your pet.

Minimal requirements would be:

1. Rabies vaccination

2. DHPP/DA2PP vaccination (Distemper, Hepatitis, Parainfluenza, Parvo)

3. Bordetella (usually annual but some facilities require twice yearly)

4. Some facilities will require a negative fecal sample to show that they are free of parasites

5. Some facilities may require vaccination for Leptospirosis

6. Some facilities may require vaccine for Canine Influenza although currently this is not a vaccine that we are recommending at CPVC


Training / Behavioral Services/Daycare Services:

Ellis Dog Training, Gonic, NH - 603-335-1191 (Shares facility with Paws To Train)

Paws To Train, Gonic, NH (Shares facility with Ellis Dog Training)

It's A Dog's World, York, ME - 207-363-0099

Deco Dogs, Dover, NH - 603-749-7387

K-9 Kaos, Dover, NH 603-743-3647

The Yellow Dog's Barn - Barrington, NH 603-868-DOGS

Miss Behavior - 603-509-3877

Sentinel K9 Academy, Dover, NH - 603-781-3022

My Smart Puppy - website by excellent dog trainer Sarah Wilson! It's free!!!